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Brake Tester (please click for more details)
★Corundum binding roller set for high adhesion in both dry and wet condition
★High precision sensor ensures the exactitude of inspection result
★Using of reinforced steel, strengthen and durable structure body
★High performance motor and gearbox
★Electronic subordinate roller (sensor roller) and speed sensor
★Automatic start and anti-peel tyre program
★Roller driven sort-out program (Air-lifter system available)
★Computer control or LED panel control, or Standard RS-232
 EE Model  EE-RBT03  EE-RBT04
Max. Axle Load (kg)  3000   4000
Max. Measure Load (kg)   3000  3000
 Measurement Rang (N)  0-8000x2  0-12500x2
Wheel Diameter (mm)   400-800 500-800 
 Wheel Tread (mm)  850-2000 850-2600 
 Roller Diameter (mm)  Φ200  Φ245
Roller Length (mm)   700  900
 Motor Power (kW)  2.2 / 4.0  4x2
 Power Supply  AC 380V, 50HZ, ground
380-420V 50Hz
 AC 380V, 50Hz, ground
380-420V 50Hz
 Packing size  2520X840X480  900x350x1200  3200X920X500  900x350x1200


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